Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit (AVOP)

Safety and security is our top priority. To ensure the highest level of security is maintained at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, all personnel entering restricted areas of the Airport must have the appropriate security clearances and adhere to Transport Canada regulations to prevent or reduce unlawful interference with civil aviation.

The information in the following section is directed to employers and employees who work and/or operate business at Hamilton International Airport and is not intended for the general public.

Applicant Criteria

An Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit (AVOP) certifies that a person is trained to operate vehicles safely airside in gate, runway and aircraft taxi areas. AVOP applicants must prove both a need and right to operate a vehicle airside. Applicants must also pass a written and practical exam.

Your Company Signing Authority is responsible for the request and authorization of AVOPs issued to your company’s employees. If you do not know who your Company Signing Authority is, ask your manager or supervisor. If you are unsure as to whether or not your company’s operations require you to possess an AVOP, please contact

After assessing your application, the Airport will determine the need of your requested airside access. A Driver’s License Abstract is also required along with your completed AVOP Application.


There are two types of AVOPs issued by Hamilton International:

  • D Permit – All Airside Areas
  • D/A Permit – Apron and Service Roads only

D Permit

Valid for operation within all movement areas including all controlled surfaces to which access is granted by Air Traffic Control (ATC). Individuals typically requiring a “D” permit include: Airport Operations personnel, NAV CANADA Technicians, designated cargo operators, contractors, and construction escort personnel. A “D” Permit is mandatory for operating within the restricted controlled movement area. A person applying for this type of AVOP must produce a radiotelephone operators’ certificate, have completed all training/examinations to acquire a valid “D/A” permit and a PDL. A person with a “D” permit can operate on following surfaces:

  • All Runways (06-24, 12-30)
  • Taxiway Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Golf
  • All D/A Operational Surfaces

D/A Permit

Valid for operation on uncontrolled movement areas only. Persons typically requiring a “D/A” permit include airline ground service providers, and any unescorted driver on an Apron. Persons using private vehicles to access private hangars or operating vehicles upon a private Apron area do not typically require an AVOP. A person with a “D/A” permit can operate on the following surfaces at Hamilton International:

  • All Public Aprons
  • Taxiway Delta, Lima, Whiskey
  • Taxi lane Juliet, Alpha

Written Exam

The AVOP written exam covers the fundamentals of airside safety. To prepare for the exam, review the AVOP training materials. A copy of Hamilton International’s Airside Traffic Directives is available upon tenant request.

Written exams can be scheduled with The exam will take place at the Operations Centre in the Air Terminal Building.

What to bring to the written exam:

  • Your completed AVOP Application signed by your company’s Signing Authority.
  • Restricted Area Identification Card (RAIC) or Company ID
  • Valid provincial driver’s license (G1 license holders may not hold an AVOP)
  • Pen (black or blue)

Practical Exam

Practical exams are conducted by Hamilton International Airport Security Officers and authorized tenant testers. To schedule your practical driving exam, or if your company does not have a certified AVOP tester, please email

What to bring to the practical exam:

  • Restricted Area Identification Card (RAIC) or Company ID
  • Valid provincial driver’s license (G1 license holders may not hold an AVOP)
  • AVOP written exam pass confirmation

For D AVOP only:

  • Valid DA AVOP card
  • Restricted Operator Certificate – Aeronautical (ROC-A)

Renewing your AVOP

Applicants with no recorded Notice of Infraction, renewing an AVOP “D/A or D” permit, will not be required to complete a renewal examination. If however an applicant has a previously recorded Notice of Infraction, at minimum a re-write of the AVOP written examination must occur in order to have their “D/A or D” renewed. This process must be completed prior to the expiration date of the AVOP otherwise both the written and practical examinations will have to be completed successfully.

Any applicants renewing their “D/A or D” driving privileges that have accumulated three (3) or more infractions will be required, at the discretion of the Airport, to complete both the written and practical examinations.

The Airport Operator reserves the right to require any AVOP holder re-tested (written and/or practical) at any time, without notice.